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Download TinyCLR Firmware


Hi, just ordered a Cobra III, and trying to download the TinyCLR firmware, and bootloader. I’m having issues with the download pages: I’m getting thee following errors from these pages:


The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:5509e6d5-0001-00e5-5e68-17f613000000 Time:2017-08-17T14:51:32.3655015Z


The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:ed79f82e-0001-008d-0668-17a842000000 Time:2017-08-17T14:53:19.4910410Z

I’m I doing something wrong, or getting them from the wrong location?



You caught us in the process of updating some links. If you refresh the page now everything should be valid.



Sometimes I’m too quick for my own good :slight_smile:



LoL :smile:


Hey Gus, can you check USBIZI and EMX links?

There doesn’t work also:

Great progress guys, like it!


Version 0.6.0 should be released soon but not yet.


Thanks, is there version 0.5.0 for USBizi and EMX? Or are they supported from version 0.6.0?


I believe they will only be supported from 0.6.0. :+1:


The above notes are correct. USBizi, Embedded Master, and EMX do not have a release in 0.5.0 and 0.6.0 isn’t out yet.