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Download beta release


I want to download the new beta release because I want to use native code in my project. However, it is not possible from the download links.

Any ideas how to get it?


email GHI directly with your request explaining why you want the beta.


I can’t find the email address of GHI on this website. Can you please provide it to me?


You can find it here:


Thanks! Now I hope they will respond positively to my reasons


On the contacts page it is stated that nobody monitors the email?

When do I get a response then?


They’ll respond, be patient.


Ok, I will wait :slight_smile:


I think the most part of USA citizens are still in bed right now.


O yes, indeed! I did not realize that!

Ok, I will wait patiently :slight_smile:


Vico - the beta is only available to Junior level members and up without asking GHI directly in ‘special circumstances’. I’m patiently waiting for the released version myself. This is to ensure the support guys (like Gus) are actually able to get enough sleep. Implicit in this arrangement is the assumption that more experienced members can work through beta bugs without much assistance. This provides GHI with many extra pairs of expert eyes on the code, and results in a more stable release. You and I have a ways to go on points before we’re on the short list…


FYI, the public release is planned to be out early next week.