Downgrading ghi bootloader and OS

We have loads of devices with a G120 chip already installed with customers. Most of them run the ghi bootloader 1.x and .NETMF.

Now I am in the process of making an upgrade tool for them to use.
In the process of developing this tool it would be great if I could downgrade my developing board from time to time as I am testing this.
For this it seems I need to get hold of an older download of the bootloader. I can find bootloader v2.0.4 and 2.0.5 on the webpage. Is 1.x avaiable somewhere??
Any links available or can anyone send it to me?
And if I do get hold of that bootloader, can I then reinstall the .netmf firmware without any problem and overwrite TinyCLR OS?

V1 loader always lived on G120.

The system always boots V1 loader and if it finds V2 loader it runs it, which then runs TinyCLR.

If V1 loader find tinybooter it runs it, which then runs NETMF.

Ok, thank you.

This of course leads to the obvious variation of my original question:

How do I replace GHI bootloader v2 with tinybooter?

hold the 3 loader pins low to enter V1 loader mode and load anything you like (V2 loader or tinybooter)

Thank you.

I can’t seem to find a downloadable version of tinybooter anywhere on your site however.
Any link to it?

it is in the SDK download