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Downgrade Firmware Help


Hi, I am pretty new with micro framework but it really peaked my interests. I went out and bought a chipworkx Development system and have started to play around with it. My problem is that I recently got two books to help me learn it but there based on 3.0 version of mf. The chipworkx came with firmware.I would like to know how to downgrade the firmware on the chipworkx to 3.0. If this has been posted else ware or you could give me a little help, it would be appreciated.


Oh man, I say don’t do it. 4.0 should mostly ADD functionality and most of what your book says will be fine. Downgrading will take away all kinds of capabilities that you will wish you had in about a week after you come up to speed.


Going back to 3.0 is a very bad idea.

There is a free ebook under downloads to help you out and we are here to help.


Hey guys, thanks for the snappy reply’s. OK so I have fixed a bit of my problem, I went to the downloads on this website and got the latest MF SDK and reinstalled them on my pc, now my problem is that my chipworkx has an older firmware and needs to be updated, haha I know right, im now moving in the other direction, anyway, I have seen many tutorials on updating firmware but I haven’t really seen any with the chipworkx, I may be wrong and haven’t found it yet. I get the gist of it but im still not doing it right, I have mfdeploy and tera term and I can get the other com to show up but that’s where I get stuck, sorry for the noobish questions but im still having a lot of fun with MF. Any help would be appreciated!


We have tutorials for the stuff on TinyCLR but for ChipworkX, please refer to ChipworkX user manual. It has full instructions.


Thanks for all your help! I figured out how to update the firmware by just playing around with mf deploy.


You must update TinyBooter too (from bootloader). You will run into unexpected problems eventually, especially if you use networking or some settings…