Doorbell notifier

Hello everybody,

i want to create a doorbell notifier.
If anyone push the doorbell i will show the time on a display. Its all no problem. But i have no idea how i can transfer the “button push”.
At the door i have 12V and a cable (telefon) which ends in the “eletric room”.
Can Xbee do that?

Thanks for your help!

Does the modules from Justin work standalone without a processor?

With the XBee modules you can have them transmit a digital or analog input when that input changes or in the case of the analog, transmit the data periodically.

Not that to use an XBee module standalone you need to configure it with X-CTU software and use API mode on the receiving XBee module. It does not work in AT mode.

Ha ha. Actually, until I started to actually use them I thought they were way too complex but now that I have a reliable network working with them I find them quick and easy to install and configure.

It’s a bit like all new technology until we are familiar with it. :slight_smile:

Yes, but it’s also one of only a few modules that can be used standalone without the need for a processor. :slight_smile:

Just been playing with 2 xbees. One configured as a coordinator and one as a router in (both in AT mode). sending messages between a PC and Spider biderectionally. Really simple to setup once the xbees were configured.

I was considering a Zigbee tattoo … :slight_smile:

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