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Door intercom with gadgeteer - anybody?


Has anyone built a simple video\sound door intercom ?. I would like to have a transmitting device (I have Fez Spider, Cerberus, FezMini and Cerbuino-Bee) that contains a GHI camera module and microphone, loudspeaker (and some other stuff (RFIDsensor, buttons leds and LCD display). Via (max 8 wires) or wireless i would want to communicate with my receiver (and Main Module) which has mic, speaker and T35 display. From the main module i want to hear a buzzer when remote module (gate) button is pressed. Then camera (and lights) are switched on, and i see the person at the gate om my T35 screen. I can speak to and hear the person at the gate , and if i wish, i can open the gate (i have a 12v latch for the gate that works on a small relay).

I have most of the neccasary techniques going ( opening the gate by rfid tag, Pincode on a keyboard\LCD and remote button ) I only need to get video and sound communication between the gate and my main module. On the video side (one-way) i thought about getting the video-streaming code from and then send the bitmap to my Main module through uart or i2c , but i dont know if that could be done fast enough. I dont expect really high updating speed on the image, but around 1 or 2 fps would be acceptable.

I do have a GHI music module ( ), but i havent discovered how i could use that for two way sound (intercom) function.

Maybe someone is interested in building this with me just because he\she can…


Hi Berto 62. Not sure you will have enough horse power to encode the audio and stream it unless its a a very very low bitrate.


Certainly the CPU has the power, at least in RLP. ST provides an app note describing ADPCM encoding on the STM32F1 (72 MHz). That ought to be plenty sufficient for this kind of use.