Don't tell your wife ;)

Don t tell this story If your wife if sweet to iron your shirt sometimes… She will have a good excuse to quit :wink:


We know where hard drives with nothing, but a faulty usb stick inside comes from. :wink:

Terrible but amazing

I’ve read the original story in Russian:

What BBC didn’t say is that all these “bugged” appliances came directly from China.

It said Chinese imports

Ooops! Missed that. :-[

P.S. Red face is working now.

@ RobvanSchelven - On some level, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner or more often. While the situation has improved somewhat, there are still plenty of people who run their wifi networks wide open. Too tempting a target to pass up.

Without going to deep into details i guess for some the greed for money or power is so great that they will try to do everything to get it. For the IT industry it will be a continues challenge to create user friendly and secure solutions.


an spy-iron needs an unprotected Wi-Fi network. There is no one in my neighborhood…
But all my mails / posts etc is controled by the NSA… this is a real problem.

Who knows maybe they are trying to protect you from the others who AR trying to infiltrate your network, and before you know it they will start a black market trading access doors …

The question is:
The iron costs $20 with a WiFi chip in it which means it should have cost $1 right, so where do i get the $1 WiFi chip…?

who says they’re not considering the $10 wifi chip an “investment” that will recoup money through less than legit ways…

In china $10 is way too big to invest like this…
Do you know how much junk you can buy for $10 in china… a lot…