Don't get old if you can (Or at least wear your glasses if needed)

I almost started a post to complain about being mislead that the G400 would work in my ChipworkX development system. I really wanted it to work!

I had the G400-D mounted in the G400HDR that was right in front of me and I was looking at my ChipworkX board which was at the other end of my work table.

My eyes convinced me that the G400 was longer in width and would not fit in the ChipworkX development system socket.

I immediately got a bit upset and grabbed the ChipworkX development board and ‘sure enough’… The D400 fit perfectly!

Anyway, I had a good belly laugh at myself this morning…

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I had a good belly laugh at you also. Thanks! :smiley:

Thanks for this laugh in the morning.

My wife always tell me that I think things are bigger than they really are… :frowning:

Do you own a fast car also? :wink:

@ ianlee74 - I used to have a fast car, but I am down to a dual turbo.

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