Don't Forget its Pi Day Saturday!

3/14/15 at 9:26:53

Learn more about Pi Day here

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Spakfun will be selling their Pi’es at a discounted price tomorrow by the way:

After being friday 13th today i can use a piece of applepi tomorrow :wink:

Whats so special about 14/3/15?

3.14153 ?

April 31 would be 31/4/15 - that should be Pi day. All the first 5 digits are in the correct order :slight_smile:

To celebrate, I will personally buy [em]the first 500 people [/em]who +1 me, a raspberry Pi 2 on April 31 2015



I’ll bet a few went and opened their calendars to check if that date existed. :whistle:

I still recall the rhyme from my early school days that taught you how to remember them.

We were taught that an easy approximation of pi was 208341 / 66317

I’ve always wondered who lived in Idaho at the phone # 208 341 6631 (7)

@ mtylerjr - if you want to spent 0,95$ you will know thier names :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol - Typo Dave. I once memorized Pi to over 1500 decimal places whilst at school, I use to sit next to a poster in the maths class and would get bored.

@ mtylerjr - back in the ice age we used 22/7 to approximate pi.

Nobody claimed their free raspberry Pi 2 !