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Don't forget about the chat!


I have been popping in and out of the chat several times of the past week or so and have not seen a lot of activity there. Since there have been a lot of new faces on the forum recently I thought maybe I would mention its existence in case everyone does not know, and remind those who do to stop by every once in a while.


We need to have a regular one of “chat with expert”


Every time I go on I feel like “billy no mates” you can just here the tumble weed… That’s the problem with a world wide product.

Cheers Ian


I’m making a point of keeping logged in to the chat now, just to see how busy it is.


The problem is the time differences. For example after I finished supper, you guys are just starting with lunch :smiley:


I try to hang out as often as I can. I am almost always on during the day/night. I rarely see anyone else :frowning:


I gave up on chat quite a while ago… never anybody there lol.