Domino SD / Emulator


I’m new to the FEZ party, and anxiously awaiting my delivery of a shiny new Domino tomorrow. In the mean time I’ve been writing my code in the emulator, but am running into a problem (I know this isn’t a Domino problem, but thought I would ask)

I can’t seem to get the SD card to work in the emulator, as PersistentStorage doesn’t seem to exist. Can someone point me in a direction here?

Thanks in advance,

I think you are out of luck. SD is not emulated.


SD support is a GHI feature. GHI features do not run in the emulator. :’(

no no, wait! GHI features are not emulated to “persistent storage” will not work on emulator but there is file system emulation in the Microsoft emulator.

File read/write works exactly as described in the ebook but there is no “persistent storage”. I think there is example from Microsoft on the Microsoft SDK on file system

On Windows 7 the example is at:
C:\Users[UserName]\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.1\Samples\FileSystem\

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