Domino & GPS

I’ve just got my Domino board and a Locosys LS20031 module which I’ve wired in. I’m pulling NMEA sentences from it fine it seems and using Debug.Print() in VS, however I don’t seem to be getting location data and I’m unsure why, am I doing something wrong?

Most of the GPS location data somes back like this: $GPGLL,222117.908,V,N*7E

Naturally I’m indoors when I’m doing this but my iPhone picks up GPS fine and I’m right by some windows so it’s not like there is a lot of interference?

This is strange. Did you try to connect the GPS to a serial port right to the PC with no domino? Maybe your code is stripping something out?

Never mind, it seems to be working now:


I hid my location hence the question marks :wink:

I had to solder the wires and they’re raw so no FTDI cable or anything like that. I am interested though, how would I pass the data through the GPS and out the USB cable to my PC? Debug.print() only goes so far :slight_smile:

Read the USB client section in the book :wink: