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Domino Ethernet


"SBizi (FEZ Mini, FEZ Domino, FEZ Rhino, FEZ Panda)

* Release Info
      o Hibernation support
      o Realtime clock alarm
* Planned Features for Next Releases
      o[b] Ethernet support (native driver for Wiznet)[/b]
      o Level interrupts are not supported in this release. Edge interrupts are supported.

I read the above Ethernet support statement on the Domino, I have several questions about this.

  1. Once this is added, how much Flash/Memory will be left for user programs?
  2. Will I be able to upgrade to the new release on an existing board?
  3. Which shields will this support? What kind of speed should I expect?
  4. Are there future plans for a Domino like board with a build in ethernet port (non shield, not Cobra)
  5. Any time frame available?



This is a very nice feature yes :slight_smile:

Same as what you have now. This feature is done right so it is taking very minimal resources from your system


Any Arduino Ethernet shield will work but we tested the one we have on our website.
Mike (an experienced member) already tested the speed. Please see the post in “beta”

That is a possibility but for now you need the shield or you can use teh wiznet module. See FEZ Rhino fro example.

It is already available to experienced members. It will be available for public in Friday so you only have to wait for few hours :slight_smile:

I would like to add that this is not a “test” driver or “experimental” driver. Like everything else GHI offers, this is a driver that GHI developed professionally and we back it up. If you experience any problem, just let us know and a fix will be out in no time! The feature has been out for a while and used by many developers so we think it is complete and it is solid.


Just wanna put Mark’s post here since WHC is a newbie…

[quote]The W5100 works nicely, but it is not a speed demon.

I ran two different tests on a Domino and a Cobra. I was curious to see the difference in performance.

The first test was an echo test. A program on the PC connected to the target machine, and started to send 1024 blocks of the data. The target machine, upon receiving data, send it back to the sender. This was basically a echo server.

The PC program then monitored the data it received back and kept statistics.

The Domino software was copied to the Cobra project, so only difference was the absence of initialization code in the Cobra .

On the Domino, for the send-receive-send-receive throughput was about 6,800 bytes per second. On the Cobra, the rate was 68,500 bytes per second.

For the next test, the PC program was modified to not send any data, and the target machine’s program was modified to start sending 1024 data blocks as soon as a connection was made.

The rate with the Domino sending was 14,500 bytes per second and the Cobra rate was 130,000 bytes per second.

The doubling of the rates between the echo test and the continuous send test was to be expected.

The W5100 is slow, but not unexpected. I believe an SPI to serial interface is used with the W5100 on an ethernet shield.

I had never done any performance testing on the Cobra, and was impressed with the throughput found.[/quote]