Domino & encoder questions

Inspired by PACMAN, I think I want to add encoders to my Domino bot.

Here’s what I was looking at:

For the connection, would I just connect the OUTPUT from the encoder to any digital pin on my Domino?

Would I then just use 2 interrupt ports (1 for each encoder) to monitor the state changes on the pins?

PACMAN’s bot is using 2 LS7366 to interface with his encoder - is the purpose of these devices to offload this pin monitoring?


I would also use an external counter. As NETMF interrupts are somewhat limited to around 1Khz, and you don’t want to miss an interrupt. The external counter will always give you the correct value.

and in addition with the LS7366 you don’t have to check the value of your encoder very often because there is 32 bit register to store the current value.

Regarding the encoder you choose,be careful with the resolution. Our robot have 1024 impulsion (4096 with quadrature mode) per rotation and it’s still hard to be milimiter accurate on long distance. I won’t expect something very accurate with only 16 count per rotation.

Thanks for the replies!