Doing research on FEZ commands

I am trying to find out where to read about the capabilities of this device and how certian processes can be executed.

My project uses an LCD screen and its goal is to connected two use thumb drives through a hub to the Domino board and copy files from one USB drive to another. I was trying to do this on uALFAT and told it was not possible that I should use the FEZ boards. So I am trying to do the research to verify this through the FEZ’s datasheet, however it is different then the uALFAT and I am having trouble locating a datasheet that describes what and how I can accomplish this. The data sheet at “” does not seem to contain the information im looking for.

Any pointers to the documentation that would enlighten me?


You can get the USB thumb drive mounted with a PersistentStorage object:
That link should have all the examples you need for finding your USB drive and then browsing it.

Copying the files is easy enough.
[url]Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career

Check the projects Wiki for LCD examples, or check the EBook: [url][/url] ebook will actually tell you everything you want to know.

Read the free ebook and use the emulator. You do not need to buy anything to get started