Does this windows 10 store app crash your windows 10 store?

So… I thought I would actually download an app from the windows store.

It’s ostensibly from Microsoft itself, -about- Microsoft, and the link itself was from a Microsoft website… So I thought it would be safe.

The Microsoft page with the link is

and I just clicked on “Download the free interactive map”

But… every time I try to “get the app” my windows store comes up, starts to think about looking at it, then closes itself.

Any Microsoft gurus here that can explain?

direct link:

Or, just search for “Microsoft Certification Map” in the windows store…

My app store (win 10 desktop 10240) doesn’t install it either. The store doesn’t crash, but a dialog comes up that says “Try that again. Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help.” Waiting hasn’t helped, so far.

Oh - it’s not just me then.

I’m using the retail (well, bizspark) version of Windows 10.

Weird. You’d think that’d be last place to find stuff that didn’t work with windows 10.