Does this code still work?

I have a custom board with the Cerbuino firmware and because of this, the GHI.Pins do not map to my hardware configuration. I am only using 1 serial port and all of the other pins are GPIO inputs.

I tried the following and it highlights the code and says that it is obsolete.

gpioIN[0] = new InputPort(GHI.Pins.Generic.GetPin('C', 0), false, Port.ResistorMode.PullUp);

This part is highlighted.

GHI.Pins.Generic.GetPin('C', 0)

If I ignore the warning, will it still work? It compiles and runs.

Yes absolutely.

PLEASE DONT CLICK the link david1223 posted, this is NOT a link to microsoft !!!

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the content of your posting 12 days later is nonsens
this is not a Microsoft domain
Microsoft does not support GHI software
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no Microsoft website would try to install such bullshit

R U Sure ???

Thanks all for the heads up. I always hover over any links to check the actual URL before I even try them. I have lots of fun with expletives for those phising links you get in emails after I edit the tracking data on the end.