Does the WiFi RS21 Module use stock RS9110-N-11-21?

Does the WiFi RS21 Module use stock RS9110-N-11-21 ?

I have not seen the actual module but the photographs seem to indicate that the SST26VF016B Flash is missing on the WiFi RS21 Module.

I am trying to hook up a EMX and RS9110-N-11-22-01 no idea if it is compatible.

Flash is missing?

Sorry I meant ‘not populated’.

I never seem to understand the Redpine part numbers. The chipset (if you can call the metal can that) is the same but the connection modules have different numbers.

I have a board running with a RS9110-N-11-22-01, it works fine. Just make sure to run the firmware-update before using it the first time.

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@ glx - Respekt, tolles Board. :clap:

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@ glx - thank you !

did you download the firmware using a serial connection or through code from the G120 ?

Just run

 before first use :).

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Danke :)
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Got a bit further but I am hitting a block.


Throws a HardwareTimeoutException

Changing the code as below completed the firmware update

netif.OperationTimeout = 99999;

However continuning with the below hangs or throws a HardwareTimeoutException


Has anyone seen this before ?

@ Designer - Do any lights on the Wi-Fi module come on at any point? Can you see any response from the module on the SPI bus?

@ John - Yes the green led on the module does turn on.

I do not have the SPI trace right now. I will try to capture the entire SPI traffic to analyze.

I have the SPI bus connected over long wires. I am beginning to suspect impedance on the SPI SCK line.

Will update once I have more data.