Does the MotorDriver or Load Modules work with AC Motors?

As I said, do either of these work with AC Motors? I’m talking Lionel model trains here, not industrial stuff. I need to control the speed of the trains if possible. They run at around 9-12 VAC and around 1 to 1.5 Amps of running current. They spike up to about 2.5 A on startup. I only would run one at a time so there isn’t any danger of using 1 MotorDriver for 2 trains.

Does anyone have an older 10 Relay board available as well they want to get rid of?

Yes, that’s it! 16 relays on a board!

I had a quick look at those models and as far as I can tell, they are DIGITAL control with AC power to the trains.

How do you plan to control speed because voltage adjustment doesn’t appear to the correct?

The relays are to control other things on the display. not train speed. We have a number of animated features on it along with throwing switches and turning signals on and off. With the relay board I can use one Gadgeteer connector rather than getting a number of husband single relays. If I can find a couple of them anyway.

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I think I have a relay I could get rid of if you wanted… I’m in AUS though so likely unhelpful.

If it’s a 16 relay board, how much would it cost to ship to US 34209? I don’t need it tomorrow, so it might be reasonable.

sorry, had already gifted it on :frowning: