Does the 64k limit apply to the exe?

I’m working on a solution with a few assemblies <64k but the main exe file is already 210k and still compiles, uploads, and works perfectly fine.
So, I’m wondering if the 64k limit applies to the exe too. Is splitting the exe into <64k dlls really needed?

This is not the file size, so go ahead till the compiler says you need to split them.

Sorry @Dat_Tran, I don’t understand what do you mean by “this is not the file size”. Can you elaborate a bit on this? Would be great to know a bit better in advance.

this limited is calculated internally, not the file size.

Example, you add resource image 1MB, the assembly can be 1.1MB but actual bytecode can be very small so you can deploy just fine.

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I get it now. Very helpful. Thanks!