Does not recoginize namespace and components

I am running NETMF 4.1

I uploaded a C# program and the complier found 1 error and 3 warnings as follows:

The error is the followed referenced component could not be found

  using Gadgeteer.Modules.[b]GHIElectronics[/b];

The 3 warnings are the following referenced components could not be found:


I performed a “add reference”. While I found the above 3 items, they would not add when I selected them and hit OK

Any help would be appreciated.

Your question is missing one or more of these details:
The name of the product.
The version of the SDK you are using
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Hope this is what you are looking for . . .
GHI FEZ Spider Kit with T-35 Display
Visual Studio 2010 Express, C#
.Net Micro Framework SDK 4.1

using System;
using Microsoft.SPOT;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Controls;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Media;

using GT = Gadgeteer;
using GTM = Gadgeteer.Modules;
using Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Input;

namespace WPFWindowExample
    public partial class Program
        void ProgramStarted()

            // Do one-time tasks here
            Debug.Print("Program Started");

        private Bitmap normalButton;
        private Bitmap pressedButton;
        private Image imgButton;
        private Text txtMessage;

        private void SetupWindow()
            Font baseFont = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.NinaB);
            normalButton = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.NormalButton);
            pressedButton = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.PressedButton);

            Window window = display.WPFWindow;
            Canvas canvas = new Canvas();
            window.Child = canvas;

            imgButton = new Image(normalButton);
            imgButton.TouchDown += new TouchEventHandler(imgButton_TouchDown);
            imgButton.TouchUp += new TouchEventHandler(imgButton_TouchUp);
            Canvas.SetTop(imgButton, 50);
            Canvas.SetLeft(imgButton, 90);

            txtMessage = new Text(baseFont, "Button is NOT PRESSED");
            Canvas.SetTop(txtMessage, 200);
            Canvas.SetLeft(txtMessage, 90);

        private void imgButton_TouchDown(object sender, TouchEventArgs e)
            imgButton.Bitmap = pressedButton;
            txtMessage.TextContent = "Button is PRESSED";
        private void imgButton_TouchUp(object sender, TouchEventArgs e)
            imgButton.Bitmap = normalButton;
            txtMessage.TextContent = "Button is NOT PRESSED";

When creating a project, start with gadgeteer project not netmf. The steps are detailed in getting started guide.

Did you build a starting Gadgeteer program using the designer and then added this code?
Usually, all of the references are automatically added when you use the designer.

Starting with a gadgeteer project worked. However, there were a lot of changes that still needed to be made to the orginal code. Thank you for your help!

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@ devhammer -
Thanks, I am new to posting comments. I appriciate your patience.

Always happy to help. :slight_smile:

I’ve received patience aplenty from the other peeps here on the forum myself…