Does GHI make anything that has a DVI or HDMI output for Video?

It doesn’t need to support super high resolutions, 1024x768 at min … but 1280x720 would be ideal.

Ultimately we want to be able to play full screen video (h264 preferred) and be able to display jpegs.

This is for a commercial product.


We can do VGA easily and looking into future possibilities for more modern video output.

If you have immediate and serious commercial needs then please give GHI a call.


My boss just stopped by and said he had a very productive chat with you. We will be ordering a ChipworkX Development System right a way for development. I’m a happy guy … now I’ll get to code for .NetMF full time. (At least until this project is done.)

Thanks again.


Actually thank you.

Glad we could help