Does G400HDR support Premium Library?

Using G400HDR as the Mainboard and adding WiFi_RS21 (Premium) results in

Module could not be Added:

  • A required library could not be found

I tried re-installing the latest GHI SDK to no avail.

If I use FEZRaptor WiFi_RS21 adds correctly. The Forum answered a previous issue with this module as requiring a Mainboard that uses the Premium Library.

So is the answer then that G400HDR can’t use the Premium Library or is it some other issue.


Welcome to the forum.

All G400 boards are premium.
HDR, Raptor are just different editions with different connectors.
So if something works with G400HDR it should also with raptor.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you why you get this error.
Does deleting HDR and add raptor in this project (not starting a new one) solve the issue?

The G400HDR is not a Gadgeteer mainboard.

Are you using this from the CodeShare?

@ DotNetMF

As the G400HDR is not a Gadgeteer board, how are you trying to add the module to the program? Are you using a Gadgeteer framework or Console? Gadgeteer modules will not work on console programs without modification.

P.S. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

yes, deleting HDR and adding raptor allows Wifi_RS21 works

What I found is that GadgeteerHardware.XML in the G400HDR folder doesn’t contain entries for whereas the FEZRaptor configuration does contain entries for this section.

Where can I get a valid GadgeteerHardware.XML for G400HDR? Or can I simply add those library entries?

My confusion. I though the G400HDR was a gadgeteer mainboard and I see from the comments it is not.

I’m using from the CodeShare.

This does work in the Gadgeteer framwork designer using the module toolbox. Thanks everyone for the comments. I’ll just have to rethink my design.

@ DotNetMF - I will take a look at this and post an update for the G400HDR mainboard project.

@ DotNetMF - I have uploaded a new version of the G400HDR Mainboard driver, you should now be able to add the Wifi_RS21 in the designer.

Thanks that worked. You saved me alot of time with your project. There was a need for this support and your effort filled.