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Does anyone still milling their PCBs?


Or what is the cheapest solution for one-offs?


@ EvoMotors - Toner transfer.


I had better success using presensitized photo resist boards.


@ EvoMotors - If you have a permanent marker that is fine enough, you can plot the pcb with your new mad plotter skills. Also, there was a method that I was trying. Scratch and Etch. I couldn’t formulate the scratch off paint though.


@ EvoMotors - High quality boards @


I’ve CNCed my last few prototypes, but I don’t have regular access to a CNC. I’d always prefer to use the CNC if possible because even though OSHpark is great, it’s still close to a month turn around here in Aus, and if it’s a true prototype (IE I’ll change it several times before completion) I hate the thoughts of making 3x PCBs for nothing…


What software are you using to produce g-code for milling PCB?


I do have a PWM controllable router (like one on the picture), so I should be able to make PCB for the machine controller while the controller still on breadboard. So it’s like machine making itself. Just need to find the right software for g-code generation.


I have been using with Eagle, and then milling on my Nomad 883.


+1 to PCB GCode with Eagle.


If you don’t need through hole plating then milling works but to be honest, with the cost of professional boards being so cheap, even for 4 layer now, it’s not really worth the effort to make your own. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t find anything cheaper than $100+. and for this particular project I only need one board.


What is your board size (mm) and layers?


2 layers, about 20X15 mm


If they were only $2/board would it upset you to have to get 10 of them? :wink:

It usually takes no more than 10 days to arrive at my door after placing an order.

#16 gives you that in less than $5, because it’s less than a square inch in area; in one off, but you get three in case you screw the pooch with the soldering iron.

Are you sure you’re not confusing mm and cm? 20mm x 15mm = 2cm x 1.5cm. 20cm x 15cm on the other hand is substantially bigger (way beyond what OSHpark prices are sensible for, that comes to $240). At DFRobot, they have a price of ~$88 for a 200mm x 150mm board, delivering 10x boards…


And as an added bonus you get to look at those God awful purple boards forever… :hand:


enclosures my friend, enclosures :slight_smile:
Plus if you are only making one, the chances are you’ll never see it again (until it breaks :slight_smile: )


@ ianlee74 - I love purple! What’s wrong with purple? :dance:


Sorry, I mean 20x15 cm not mm. So the total is very close to a $100