Does anybody know anything about the Embest DM-STF4BB board

Details here

It is a plug in for the STM32F4Discovery board, which I understand can be used like a Cerberus as it contains the same chip. It also supports a touch screen LCD module. Does anybody know if this board plus screen combo can be used with the GHI firmware running on the Discovery board?


Some of it might work, some not. The ethernet wouldn’t, as it’s using, from what I can tell, the built-in MAC and an external PHY.

If you’re mostly interested in an LCD+touch screen, you might be more interested in something like an SSD1289 (check eBay). You’d probably need to write drivers for it, but you would for the stuff on the DM-STF44BB as well anyway.

Thanks Godefroi,

I would not have a clue how to even begin writing a driver. The SSD1289 sounds good though, if it was a Gadgeteer module it would be even better!

:wink: Ian