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Hey team, has anyone created a comprehensive table of the pinouts on Fez Domino, or created an image that has them annotated on? I keep struggling to make sure I find the right pin, and flicking between several PDFs is tedious. It’d be fantastic to have a 1-pager that has all this listed out !


I thought this doc is only few pages and has everything you need. At least this is what we intended to have.

What info are missing from the doc?


you know, actually that’s pretty close. I don’t know why I’d forgotten that doc - I had probably only seen it 2 months ago when I was salivating over Fez and waiting for my order to arrive :slight_smile:

The only Brochure I had downloaded and revisited before I started the question was the one page flyer-type doc that had none of the technical details.

What might have been better was a pure “reference” summary, the picture and the tables and not much more. But as it stands, I think I’m good with that! Cheers!