Documentation error on Fez Touch


Anyone from GHI reading this forum as well? There is a error within the Fez Touch brochure:

The second page shows the pin mapping, indicating that pin 12 and pin 37 are unused. I’ve connected the touch with an IDE extension cord and it works fine. Cutting all unused pins to reuse them for other purposes is fine as well, except when you try that with pin 12 and 37.

I’m sure they are used and are important, as soon as you disconnect pin 12 or 37 the display will not work anymore. I just waisted a nice IDE extension cord and i’m really sure about this.

Perhaps you could alter the brochure to save the world some of these extension cords and / or other user frustrations :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone at GHI monitor this form :slight_smile:

We will look into it. Sorry about the troubles.

By the way, the extra unused pins are already exposed on other headers so no need to cut through the IDE cable, which is more recommended.


My compliments to the great support! You don’t see this a lot anymore.

I should have read the brochure better before I started cutting the wires ;D. Unused pins are indeed on EXT / UEXT. So this will only be a problem for people like me who try to do things the wrong / hard way.

I would still need the cutting wire idea in this case because the FEZ Touch will be placed in in a way I can’t get to EXT / UEXT anymore.

I am curious how pin 12 and 37 are exposed on EXT/UEXT as well as it fails when cutting them from the cable.

Thanks again Gus :slight_smile: