Documentation and/or sample code for Mountaineer 4.3.1 b3

Where can I find documentation for Mountaineer 4.3.1 b3?

RTC Alarm setting,
The wakeup-sleep? (Pin or RTCC) (for Deepsleep and Off modes)
USB-Client (HID and VCP)

I found:

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Unfortunately, no detailed examples to these issues.

There are no proprietary APIs for these features, so the MSDN API documentation is the reference.

For RTC, there is an example here:

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@ Cuno - thank you for the reply.
I know that page. I search the entire site a number of times.

I’m using because they add the remote update feature.
Normally I prefer to GH.

Mountaineer 4.3.1 b3;

  • USB Client could not find an example.
  • RTCC could not find an example. I set up before the alarm clock. Then the processor to sleep. Then to wake up.
  • I’m using an external RTCC (MCP79410). But the processor does not wake up with the pin.
  • For example, they define the 3-pin for ADC. (In fact, 4-pin set). I need more, but it does.


using System;
using System.Threading;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;

namespace RtcTest
    public class Program
        private static SmartSensor.Hardware.UserLed _led;
        private static InterruptPort _key; 
        public static void Main()
            _key = new InterruptPort(STM32.Pin.PA4, false, Port.ResistorMode.PullDown, Port.InterruptMode.InterruptEdgeHigh);
            _key.OnInterrupt += key_OnInterrupt;
            _led = new Hardware.UserLed();

        static void key_OnInterrupt(uint data1, uint data2, DateTime time)
            int n = 500000;

            while (n > 0) n--;

            PowerState.Sleep(SleepLevel.DeepSleep, HardwareEvent.GeneralPurpose);
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Thank you @ Justin ,
MCU wakes up from deepsleep mode.
Do you have any sample code about USB client communication?

What are you trying to do?

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@ Justin - I’m trying to communicate with the PC. (From the USB line.)
VCP will or HID.

I revised the code in this form but did not.

Device, you need to install some of the settings to connect to the user computer when necessary. And you need to get inside the device logs.

Easiest way would be to use uart with a ftdi chip

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@ Justin -
No extra pin in the project.
I’m using a 10 pin Hirose connector.
I put the USB pins are forced to DFU mode.
You can communicate them to be very nice. If I fail, I need to add the project to the NRF module. It will increase the product cost.

The units of production is very high. The unit cost for the customer is very sensitive.

Normally GHI 'also has a USB client. But I could not run the Mountaineers.
The product has the support remote updates (MFUpdate) Mountaineer. I had to use.

My wish is to add remote updates to your F411 assembly.

Let me think about it some more…

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@ Justin - You finished your holiday, do you talk more? ;D

Still on holiday :wink:

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