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Document does not match what's in the code


Very frustrating trying to get the WiFiRS21 module working on my Cobra board.

The software sample at this link does not work. Lots of missing functions and objects.

For example, the WiFi_RS21.WiFiNetworkInfo[] object does not show up when I try to select this in the code.

There is also no Scan() function.

Is there changes that are not yet documented?


I have mentioned this problem as you posting here.
The document is not updated for fitting the SDK.
Many people face this problem, especially the new guys.
I told before, but the result is the same.
I think the GHI is busy in many things, so they do not have time to modify it.
However, we should have documents accompanied by corresponding SDK.


I just found other code for the Cobra 2 and it looks like this should work. :slight_smile:


My apologies @ Dave for the incorrect version of the SDK being referenced in the example code. We are doing an overhaul of documentation and example code. I will make sure that this link gets thrown to the top of that list.