Doctor Who awesomeness

Must have!

Funny thing is that was one of the projects we were going to do w/ our sonics we ordered…guess we don’t have to now. :smiley:

Yep, hundred bucks and it is yours :slight_smile:

Awesome! That should keep the Dalek’s at bay!

Back in my day, all you needed to keep the Daleks at bay was a good flight of stairs! Kids these days are spoiled.

That must have been a day WAAAY before my time. Dalek’s can fly these days :wink:

And come in colors with different personalities (not too mention attempting to genetically merge with humans)!!

Just wait for the new season. Episode one has every type of dalek ever, including the heavy weapons dalek :smiley:

Is Doctor Who actually popular outside UK, or just a niche thing amongst the smart crowd? I recognise that a bunch of guys who build robots and gadgets for fun are both (a) not exactly representative of the average viewer, and (b) ideal target audience!

Love it!
One of my favorite!

Dr Who gained a lot of US attention when the Sci-Fi channel picked it up with the 9th doctor. Torchwood didn’t enjoy the same success unfortunately.

And for the past 2 years we’ve had the legendary Steven Moffitt at the helm woot! Used it as a gateway to get my friends into his other works.

My workmates and I catch it on BBCA (along with Top Gear UK)

Speaking of Dalek’s… Did you guys see this :smiley:

(jump to 2:00)