Do you remember

The driving force behind the Meadow platform, proudly announces the much-anticipated GA release of Meadow v1.0. After six years of dedicated development

For those still having a board full of dust somewhere … but always better late than never

Does it now support debugging over the USB?

I gave up on Meadow because of the lack of any suitable real time debugging and no display options with the built-in LCD interface. GHI offered this from the early days. :wink:

I might still have one kicking around gathering loads of dust.

I guess so : Meadow.Desktop significantly reduces the build/debug/deploy loop enabling you to have near-instant debug cycles by running Meadow applications right from your development machine. With a USB hardware IO Expander you can even control hardware as if the app were running on a Meadow device.
DevCamp 2023: Meadow v1.0, Meadow Cellular, Meadow.Cloud, and More! –
I will retire in 9 months. I will finally have time to play with GHI, Nanoframework, CNC and why not give a try to meadow …