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Do you need a sensor?


May be this can help …

Prices are not very hobbists-aware … but interesting for many applications.

(This is not scam, spam or advertisement … just an info ) :naughty:


Interesting content but ouch on the prices! :slight_smile:


One of these days pH sensors will become reasonably priced – then I’ll make me a pool monitor.


You can buy a pH sensor probe for about $10 on eBay. The challenge then is the amplifier to read the signal accurately - Love Electronics had one but are gone, so you’d have to DIY at this stage.


I looked at making a gadgeteer module that you could plug the Vernier analog sensors into. But finding the BT through hole sockets is impossible :frowning:


I’ve been trying to use the one from Love Electronics but with no luck. Module code has a bunch of bugs and also needs the AD convertor accurate recalibration. Not acceptable as the complete solution.