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Do you know you can use 2x16 character display?


The display expansion on FEZ Rhino can optionally work with 2x16 character display. You will probably want to use the sweet 128x64 graphical display that we selected for FEZ Rhino but if you want the smaller character display then it is possible with minimal work!

Here is an image for you to enjoy!

Note that I hand cut it so the cuts are ugly. This is only for demonstration purposes only.


Want to see how it looks with the sweet 128x42 display?

Here you go…again, it is hand cut


It is no fun without some cables…so here you go!


Sweeeettt!!! It’s like geek porn! Looks great, Gus!


Nice. I see more hand cutting cases in my future :>


That’s only a prototype. The production enclosures will be machine cut, just like the Cobra.


yeah i also own 2 hand cut cobra enclosures. :wink: will be ordering my first machine cut one from ghi next week. Its OK i am pretty good with my dremel.


I’m probably going to order a machine cut one sooner or later, too. I was the first one to get a a Cobra, so of course mine was hand cut. I really wish I could get a display bezel though.


Indeed! That is sweeeeeeet! :dance:
I love the display!