Do .Net Gadgeteer mainboards know what devices are connected to it?


Just curious if the mainboards can enumerate all the devices/modules that are connected to it and report back name, version, or some type of device id?

If yes, how do you go about getting that information?




The designer has the “routing” of all devices, ie you wire each of them up to specific sockets that are permitted.

Considering some modules are as simple as a single button and pull-up resistor, that’s be quite an accomplishment to be able to do what you’re asking!

Doesn’t Netduino Go! support this kind of thing? I mention this only because Jay implied it would be difficult…

As andre.m said, Gadgeteer (and Go!) is not a hot-plug system. Your software needs to know about everything it’s got upfront.

I’m not sure if Go! does or not but it wouldn’t be that hard with Go! since every module is required to have it’s own MCU. Since you can also turn off the power to each socket individually with Go! then you actually could achieve “almost” hot swap.

That’s not actually true. The button module, for example, has a shift register onboard, not an MCU. It’s my understanding that this shift register is essentially acting as 16 bits of onboard memory, but I could be off there.

Interesting. I really haven’t paid Go! much attention since their initial launch. I thought the original Go! module specification required an MCU. I know they came out with a new version of the spec a while back. Maybe that changed. I’m going to have to catch up on some reading.

Nope. It was that way at launch.

This kind of misunderstanding is why Chris Walker lurks here, to clear it up. GHI seems to work actively to promote this kind of misunderstanding as well, when we’re all on the same team here, and we ought to be working together to improve the platform.

Sorry, I ranted again.

@ godefroi - Thanks for clearing that up. I’m certainly not trying to intentionally deliver inaccurate information. In fact, I just spent 20 minutes searching for a Go!Bus module builders guide to get caught up on the latest info. I gave up searching. I can’t find any reference to it on their site and my Google searches aren’t really turning up anything either. I’m certain it exists because I think Chris mentioned it once but why is it not easy to find on their site? With the information this hidden it’s certainly understandable that people aren’t fully informed. If you have the link, please share.

I have equal interest in both platforms but for time & money limitations I made the conscious decision to not try and keep up with both via my wallet. But I am interested in keeping up to date on the spec.

@ godefroi What do you mean by “GHI seems to work actively to promote this kind of misunderstanding as well”?

Most of what you’d need to know is here:

If there’s something more official or succinct than what’s there, I don’t know about it.

Find just about any Chris Walker post since the Go! was introduced, and it’s very likely you’ll find a blue post in close proximity containing feigned confusion. When you feel your intelligence has been insulted, you’ll know you found the right ones.