Do microSD cards fail very often?

I’ve had 2 microSD cards spontaneously fail in the last 6 months or so. On the last one I could read the directory and files on a PC card reader but when plugged into a microSD module connected to a Raptor, it threw an exception every time I tried to pull the volume info off it.

Is this possibly the reason GHI discontinued the microSD module? Any opinions about whether I should quit using the microSD module and switch to the full size SD card module currently in the GHI catalog?


@ Gene - We didn’t stop selling it because of issues however if you think you might have a bad module, we can give you an RMA, just let us know.

uSD is as reliable as SD. There’s no electrical difference these days, and you’d struggle to find anything but micro if you needed new ones !

anyone need free adaptors :whistle: all my µSD are delivered with adaptors included…

I also have tons of them. But now I succeed to have only the µsd. I am not sure it’s is the most environmentally friendly and most economically justified but I don’t feel bad to throw it in the bin.

@ David@ Emrol - That is a very long confidential check list! :wink:

@ Architect - no sensitive info or company name visisble 8)

@ Gene - No reason to go to SD, i think we all use µSD.

@ Gene - Technically there’s no difference in using uSD or SD, however this week I already had two Sandisk Extreme uSD cards that cracked mechanically. I think the type of device dominates the choice. If you intent to swap the card often, a SD might be a better candidate… just a thought.

Indeed try to change a µsd with snow gloves :think:

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@ leforban - You are deploying devices in Alaska? :open_mouth:

OK, I’ll stick with the micro. Thanks for all the input.