Do Fez boards use a standardized power connector?

Looks like the Cobra needs 6V and the Domino 7V-12V. So obviously the voltages are different. (Drat) Are the power connectors all the same size? (And what size is it?)

While I’m at it what size connector is used on ChipworkX Development System?



2.1x5.5mm, I think.

Can anyone confirm?

… would this work? [url] Official Site - America's Technology Store


$7 for that? Yeah it would work but it is freakin expensive :slight_smile:

The price you pay for convenience. :frowning:

What is the current draw for a Cobra with a 4.3" display?


You can get a howl power pack for the same price or get a universal power pack with all kind of connectors for a bit more

There are many on amazon and ebay as well.

You need to get something over 1000mA

redacted - I couldn’t get the link to work. The links on the Best Buy site only work for a short while it seems.


^^ That link is hosed

When I went to RS this past weekend, they had different sizes for the barrel plugs. I didn’t buy because I wasn’t sure which one to get.

[url] Official Site - America's Technology Store

What’s the size? L, M, DC, etc?

From the original post, looks like it’s M - is that correct?


It is a M


I found this very instructive [url][/url]

Now I know I’m going to measure the output of my wall wart before I attach them to my expensive toys.

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