DLC162d CharDisplay

Apparently y’all made this character LCD that I’ve had for awhile but removed any documentation of it from your website. Can I get the documentation please?

I’m not sure GHI did make this? (be interested to see why you thought they did?) Anyway, its likely 10 years old, and there’s not much detail of the gadgeteer modules around anywhere, long abandoned. The best info you might find is the 16x2 display info from DFRobot. I2C_TWI_LCD1602_Module__Gadgeteer_Compatible___SKU__DFR0063_-DFRobot

This is why lol. Also if you search there’s a few posts in the archives including a dead link to a tutorial. Dunno why it would’ve hurt them to leave the info there.

go to .NET Gadgeteer Modules (ghielectronics.com) and look at the Character display. To me this looks like an old 16x2 or 40x4 LCD with no I2C interface. Not that hard to write code for. There’s about a gazillion projects showing them on the internet…