DL40 Programming with J-Link

I have started a wiki article on my experience using J-Link + SWD to program and debug on the DL40. So far I have just written an initial intro and explained how things need to be connected. I intend over time to cover the following

  1. Writing a simple non-daisylink program to flash an LED and run that on the DL40
    This will cover setting up a brand new project from scratch in the free version of Keil

  2. Basic debugging

  3. Using the sample generic DaisyLink firmware to create a DaisyLink application for the DL40

  4. Cover the basics of using the DaisyLinkModule class from the .NET Micro Framework to create a driver for the module

This is going to take time :slight_smile:


You rock!

Very helpful, thanks

Thanks Ian.

@ Gus - thank you for getting me going with this. I am still going to have a few questions for you and your team :slight_smile: