Distinguish between boards in runtime

Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to distinguish between boards in runtime. I am usign either Cerbuino or Cerb40, and both give:

Mainboard.MainboardName = “GHI Electronics FEZCerbuinoBee”

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@ epenciso - you can’t tell one from another.

I mean type of board, not serial nor mac.

Thank you. So, if there is no way, I will try something else.

Thank you again

Have a look at


It offers
OEM: the manufacturer ID (GHI in this case)
SKU: Stock keeping Unit
Model: This is what you are looking for.
5 = EMX
8 = G120
Don’t know the others
In combination with the OEM ID it should be unique.
Edit: Sorry, didn’t read your post carefully enough, I assume any Cerb will have the same Model id here.

Thank you for the info Reinhard, it is usefull to know it in any case.

@ epenciso -

I do not know if it will work with your board but try the following and seen if if fits your needs… Good luck!

//Program is the  >public partial class 'Program' < class of your program

Debug.Print("Mainboard " + Program.Mainboard.MainboardName);
Debug.Print("Version " + Program.Mainboard.MainboardVersion);

Debug.Print("Model: " + Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SystemInfo.SystemID.Model.ToString());
Debug.Print("OEM: " + Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SystemInfo.SystemID.OEM.ToString());
Debug.Print("SKU: " + Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SystemInfo.SystemID.SKU.ToString());