Distance Sensors like GP2Y0A21YK responses fast enough fast robots?

Sensor Experts,

Do you think Sharp Distance Sensors like
GP2Y0A21YK (range 10-80cm) or
GP2Y0A02YK0F (range 20-150cm)

Responses fast enough for robots that travel ±30mph or should a longer range like ultrasonic must be used to handle the sittuation?


Hi Hai,

I have one of those sensors and they do react fast. The main issue, however, is that it’s hard getting the RC car to stop fast enough.

Therefor you should use the long distance one (GP2Y0A21: Range is 10 to 80 cm)

You mean GP2Y0A02YK0F (range 20-150cm) ? I affraid 80cm is not far enough.
I was thinking to give RC enough time to stop, we may need something like Devantech SRF02 Small Ultrasonic Range Finder. That has max range of about 6 meters (20 feets, or 600cm)

Any thoughts?

The best option would be to have both an IR and US rangefinder. Some surfaces would be better for IR, some better for ultrasonic. You should get the most range you can.

80cm not enough? How fast is this thing that it needs more then 80cm to stop? :o

Foekie, you’d be surprised :wink:

Also, the sensor range that is given isn’t the most accurate sometimes. Although the response range of these sensors is fast, they really need to be filtered or something. you also probably want to get a long range model or something.

My values were stable and accurate as far as I could see?

They look more stable than they really are. There needs to be a software or hardware filter on these.

I guess it depends which project you are working with and what you need to do with the range, but for avoiding obstacles and that sort of stuffs, I dont need to it to be too acurate ,± 0.5 is probably accurate enough.

For this bug to go full speed…150cm is still a concern for me



I think the bottom line is that for our RC projects, we probably need the longest range sensors we can get. Here is a good link on those Sharp IR RFs: How to Build a Robot Tutorials - Society of Robots