Distance Measurement Module 1mm accuracy

Anybody making a distance module with 1mm accuracy? IR, Ultrasonic, whatever?

Is on my ‘Modules to Build’ list…planned to use the VCNL4000 Sensor. Don’t know if it’s that accurate

from http://www.adafruit.com/products/466

I was looking for something with a range of about 1 or maybe 2 meters (was trying to make a snow pack monitor).

What would be cool is a module for IR Distance, where you could plug in any suitable sensor. For example a module that you could plug any of GP2Y0A02YK, P2Y0A710YK0F, GP2D120XJ00F, etc. It would be like the gas sensor in that you could plug any one of a number of IR sensors into it depending on your needs.

I’ve combed every post on the forum with the terms +distance and +sensor in them. I figured this would be something that would have been worked out a long time ago. Maybe not.

I need a small sensor that can measure from about 6" to about 18". It only need to be accurate to about a 1/2".

The problem is that I have a passive IR device in place already and I’m afraid that some of the sensors mentioned in the posts will interfere. That won’t work.

I bought the one from GHI and didn’t realize until I opened the package that it was really pretty large. I am trying to put this into a hand held device, so size is pretty important. Also, since it could be dropped easily, this sensor needs to be fairly sturdy.

I can’t seem to find any recent work on this.

Anybody know anything new?


OK, maybe I jumped a little too quickly.

I found this: http://www.maxbotix.com/Ultrasonic_Sensors/MB1020.htm

Anyone have any experience with the MaxBotix line?

Sorry @ willy I don’t have any experience with that particular device.

What I was getting at is what you found, that distancing options are rather thin which really doesn’t make any sense given a lot of these devices work exactly the same and even have the same output and power requirements so having a base module where you could plug in different range devices only makes sense and fills a huge need area for Gadgeteer.

Seems I have an impulse control problem.

Amazon prime + 3.99 and I’ll get one later today.


I’ll let you know.