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Distance Detector - compatible with Fez Cobra - range approx 5m - needed


Dear all,
I am looking for an Ultrasound distance detector compatible with Fez Cobra.
I need a range of approx 5 meters.

The distance Detector in TinyClr site has a detected ran 10 to 80 cm (

Would you kindly recommend any if available?



The Sharp IR sensors are out of your range. Look at the Maxbotix units:




Only trouble with those PING))) type sensors is that they are a bit tricky to interface with NETMF. You’ll have to use a Tristateport and your reads may be skewed a bit depending on how fast NETMF processes the interrupts.

This is a very good reason why we need a native level PulseIn() type method :wink:


the ping sensor driver works very good that is posted on fezzer. they go out to 3m only though. You should look into the maxbotix sensors Plenty goto that range and its a simple as reading a analog voltage, pwm or serial communication.


Or you can use good sensor with acceptable (for FEZ) interface

It has I2C and functions to configure sensivity. Output is very stable, I guess it has some filtering allready built in


Thanks all!
I went trough the specification and it looks like all of your suggestion fit my needs.

:frowning: Unfortunately they won’t be as plug and play as FEZ components :frowning:
since, per my understanding they all require an handler written in native code.
Then the handler shall be interfaced to .net in someway. as Chris says, they look to be tricky :wink:

Hence, I guess the choice will be the easiest to interface. So far I am still understanding which one.
Do you know if there is any example of code for handler+ .net interface anywhere?

Thanks again.


You don’t need handler (in native code) for I2C. It’s allready writen and implemented by GHI. All you need is 3 wires (Clock, data, ground) from sensor to board.

If You want more info about
I2C on FEZ
I2C registers and connection on sensor


You don’t need native code for any of the suggestions.


Another good one and cheap: