displayController.SetConfiguration rotate screen

Is it a way to rotate/flip screen ?

Sorry, but at this time there is no way to rotate the display other than to implement it in code yourself.

This is a feature we had before and it wouldn’t be to difficult to add in the future.

I think it could a nice feature as sometimes screen is used in portrait mode or lanscape mode.

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I would throw my vote in on this too. I am working on a design with a 7" display with 6 physical buttons along the bottom of the screen. (As well as buttons along both sides.) The bottom of the LCD where ribbon cables come out has a larger boarder (10mm) vs the top (6mm). If I could physical rotate the display 180deg I can get the buttons physically closer to the display area of the screen. It also would put the ribbon cables in an area with no terminal strips or connectors.

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How does the display look when you do this? IPS displays look good from any angle but many TFT’s do not, especially when you turn them upside down. You lose the vertical viewing angles on many of them.

Ahh good question, I will need to check. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Have you dream of it ? GHI has made it !!! :wink: