Display Problem

Hello guys,

I have Fez Cobra 1.3 and I know it is old. But I have to make a prototip for a thing. So I wanted to use it then I connected board to pc and I deploy my code to board, it works cause I can see pin codes at Visual Studio debug console when I press buttons. Just I couldn’t get display.

You can check pictures.

there’s no point us diagnosing anything on Netmf 4.2. Just update to the latest GHI netmf 4.3 SDK and start there.

Thanks for reply brett. But It even was working on netmf 4.0. I just dont remember how was it works. I think it doesnt work because of power. Could it be?

Do you know what is the input power values?

Have you configured the LCD interface to suit the timing of your display?

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if you think it might be power then you want to NOT run it off USB. Using a 12v minimum to (I think) 30v DC input is appropriate. Displays take a lot of juice so use a 1A capable regulated supply would be another good starting point
Edit: I agree with Dave that it looks like a LCD timing setup

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Hey guys, I’m going to try today. I will let you know results. Thanks a lot again