Display options?

So the Display NHVN Module is marked as legacy and it’s out of stock. If it’s legacy then probably no chance that it will be in stock again…

What is the other option this days? I will soon need couple of displays for G120/G400.

I saw a posting by Gus recently indicating that the NVH modules will be available with just the GXP headers and without the Gadgeteer sockets.

I have the 4.3", 5.0" and 7.0" covered if you need Gadgeteer socket compatible boards. I don’t have any boards just now but I can supply the design files for you to get your own made. mcalsyn and brett are doing this just now with the 5" ones. Check with them as I believe they are making a few of them.


Yes, I will be baking up the 5" boards with Gadgeteer sockets next week and they will show up in an online store on Nov 7. I will be offering the board by itself, or with a 5" NHVN screen. I am also gearing up to continue production of most of the Gadgeteer peripherals and other goodies. There will be more news on this on Monday.


I like how you guys are helping in keeping the Gadgeteer love around. I actually just finished recording a Tech Talk just about Gadgeteer. I still love Gadgeteer. I hope the community will carry it forward and keep enjoying it for a very long time.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Yes I remember seeing post about NVH modules will be available, but no one said when.

@ mcalsyn - I don’t care much about Gadgeteer sockets as I’m not using Gadgeteer boards. If I had any choose, I would have Gadgeteer sockets optional for all these modules like on the WiFi modules from GHI

Sorry Gus, I don’t love them that much. But I see the needs for modular design.

I suspect the redpine modules will be the hardest of all for anyone in the community to continue to supply. There’s just no getting away from a substantial investment in time to get relationships with redpine; they’re not what I would see as consumer/hobbyist friendly (but they are one of the best wifi modules I’ve seen around)

My batch of PCBs for Newhaven 5" cap touch displays will be about two weeks behind @ mcalsyn’s as I’m away from home at the moment. They also won’t appear in a store, it’ll be on offer from here, and there won’t be an option to include the LCD (that will be BYO from Newhaven or one of the other suppliers who supply your local area).

I probably won’t make the RedPine board - it’s just not worth the effort as that module is ‘not recommended for new designs’. I was thinking of making a new module based on the CC3100 (which I already have a native-code driver for).

Because we also need to make a new mainboard, and won’t have access to proprietary firmware, so since we need to write aspects of the native firmware from scratch, it’s easier to just start with a new module with a brighter future. The CC3100 family also has some neat features like build-in wifi onboarding, web server, and up-to-date TLS and SSL support.

That’s all speculation right now - I haven’t finished shopping around the available modules.

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And Gus did not write about support 3.5" displays for NVH modules?

I am doing my own custom backplane, and for displays was looking at something easy, should I go with the Gadgeteer sockets, or the GXP socket?

@ michaelb - GXP so it plugs directly, or through cable, right to FEZ Cobra and similar boards.

@ Gus - I understand the interface to the new FEZ boards. In fact I plan on incorporating a GXP socket for future use anyways, but the question was is there existing displays with that interface available for purchase past February?

@ michaelb - Today we have the NHVN display and it will be available till we have other display options to replace it, still using the same GXP interface. Meaning, you will always have a display option for our boards with GXP pinout, like the FEZ Cobra for example.

and NHVN Display board will also allow you to use it on a Gadgeteer mainboard if you have one (or fourteen, like me)

@ Brett - Yes, that is good as I’ve definitely a few more than that, kinda threw my hat behind the whole .netmf thing, and as I’ve looked into alternatives given the demise of Gadgeteer, haven’t found anything else that fits a commercial application using micro’s at a hw level…

Could you send me the design files for 4.3" display?

I suppose your problem Solved currently, if you have any trouble than i’m able to remedy your problems.

So sorry. Didn’t get a message about your PM in my INBOX so I just saw this now. Will send email.

Any word on when the official display adapter is coming from GHI? Still can’t find it in the store.