Display Code

I just bought a FEZ Rhino the OEM version along with display. I found the code mentioned in Manual are out dated and won’t compile. where can I get he code whcih can just display text may be for now.

Please do not disappoint me :slight_smile: I am coming from Arduino and get tons of code, ready to run. I do not find it here. Am I missing something here?

I am really excited about this but it is slowly going down:(


Did you check Fezzer.com:


and Wiki:

My Graphical screen arrived two days ago… I’ll be putting it together on Monday. If there needs to be changes to the driver I’ll do it… I’ll then post the updated driver…

There were a couple of changes for the large graphical screen so I should imagine the small driver needs the same…

Cheers Ian

Where is the outdated code you found? This website/community is full of code and help as you saw from previous answers :slight_smile: No you won’t be disappointed I hope

Dear All,
Thanks for all your support, it is Freaking Easy!! I could make it Run.


Glad you sorted it out.