Display an image from computer directly onto OLED

Hello all!

First of all, I’m a newbie to hardware and Gadgeteer business, so would really appreciate any form of feedback to help me though this initial chaos!

I’m seeking for a method to display an image on my computer directly onto the OLED. More specifically, I want to dynamically transfer the image from computer to OLED. Is there any function or API to transmit a pic from computer to OLED?

What I have working now is an OLED that displays an image pre-stored in the SD card reader, as done in this tutorial: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=13476
Thus, if there is any way to dynamically write an image from the computer to the SDcard, that would also be great. I could then just grab the new image from the SDcard then display it.

I’m running on the FEZ Spider 1.0 mainboard.

Thanks a lot and apologies for my naive hardware knowledge!

Welcome to the forum!

You can use network and transfer image between PC and Spider or connect Spider to PC using Serial to USB module.

Thanks for the reply!

To clarify, I’ve already connected the Spider to PC using a Serial to USB module, but want to write an image stored on the PC (such as “C:/Documents/pic.bmp”) onto the OLED when I run the program.

Currently, the only way I’ve figured to do anything close to this is to store the image onto the SDcard beforehand, and then have the code read the image from SDcard and display it on OLED.

I would like to jump over the SDcard if possible, and have the image stored on PC directly written to the OLED. Are there any programming functions to do this? or any other types of solutions?

Thanks again!

  1. Transferring by SD card is one way.
  2. Have a program on PC communicate with Spider over Serial-To-USB to transfer the file. You will need to write the code for PC and the Spider. Code on the Spider can save the received file to SD card or display it on OLED and discard the data.