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I just saw that STM is offering NETMF for the follwoing board:

Does anybody know, if there is source code availbale, too?


Appears not, for now.


The porting kit includes all sources you need. Buy for a tiny chip, we recommend using a commercial compiler.


STM32F429, if that’s not big enough for GCC, then I don’t know what is. It’s not exactly a simple thing to set up a port, though.


@ godefroi - if that is what you will use and add external memories then it is cheaper to use G120, and much better. Assuming your engineers do not work for free :slight_smile:


@ Gus - Do you know how G120 compares to the STM32 in terms of performance?


What are you trying to do?


Some tests say Cerberus is ~3x faster at crunching integers:


Wow that is really much! I did not expect this big value…

@ Gus - Well I try to find out which hardware to choose as base for a new project: see for more details



Certainly if you’re adding external memory, the equation changes, but it’s not THAT complicated to add, especially if you’re using the 429, as it supports the same DRAM that’s on the G120.