Discontinued Bluetooth Module replacement?

I am new to Gadgeteer and this forum - at the scoping hardware stage.

I need bluetooth connectivity so can chat to a device from e.g. a phone.

I see GHI have discontinued the Bluetooth module (which looked like what I need) but google is not helping me find out why or find an alternative.

Do I need to but an Xbee adapter then an Xbee bluetooth module, if so which Xbee module has software support under NetMF/Gadgeteer?



maybe this is interesting for you : https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/creations/entry/20

it should be easy to adapt the drivers for the GHI-Bluetooth module to the Seeed Bluetooth Bee, as it uses the same hardware and firmware as the GHI-Bluetooth module.


The HC-05 is what you want. They’re super cheap, in the $6-$8 range (incl shipping) even shipped from locally here in the USA. Check eBay for China-shipped units for even less. There’s a LOT of information around on interfacing with them.

Thank you for the responses, most helpful.

I am looking at purchasing the Cobra II but it does not appear to be available with any comms except USB (unless your order 100+) . My preference was to buy everything at one place as it is not uncommon for us down under to pay $50 freight for each shipment of a $10 item :frowning:

Bluetooth was my preference but might go with wired ethernet and play with bluetooth/Xbee later on.


What about HM-10 module?

That HM-10 looks like a mighty interesting replacement for the HC-0x modules. I wonder how the documentation is?

HM-10 schematic is in this doc

Not for me, I am after plug and play for now

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uh huh, I am not allowed to post links on this form?

Also here is one documentation:

Concerning BLE, Bluetooth SMART or Bluetooth 4.0 it must be considered that (as far as i know) those modules can not communicate with the “old” Bluetooth 2.x devices. To communicate for example with a PC a so called “Bluetooth SMART Ready” dongle is needed.

“Bluetooth SMART” is same as HM-10 only BT4.0 compatible. If he need backward compatibility then he need dual-mode BT 4.0 module for example one based on CC2564, BC127 …


One specific example is with a Bluetooth module, which allowed the communation other devices.(such as MCU).