DISCO429 NETMF 4.3.1 Source on Git

First of all a huge thanks to Cuno, Beat and the team at Oberon for all their massive hard work on porting NETMF to the STM range of micros.

I have just learnt enough Git Fu to progress to Grasshopper level which means i am armed and dangerous and have probably got it completely wrong - so go easy…

Enjoy the fruits of the Oberon’s labours and have fun ;D


Thanks Cuno, Beat, and the team. Oh and Justin. But don’t let it go to your melon, or it’ll explode, and kiwifruit everywhere isn’t easy to clean !

Thanks Justin and the others too, of course… :clap: :clap:

Edit: I assume it is for the Keil compiler ?

could anyone please shortly explain how this port is differs from the official NETMF one? I somehow thought Oberon’s changes were included already…

@ Simon from Vilnius - This is the specific port for the Disco429 which is not included in the official port

@ .Peter. - I have only used MDK but the GCC targets file is included…

Why not? :slight_smile:

And, since the readme.md file is missing on your repo… What are the differences? Maybe RAM and LCD support?

I understand this has no LCD support - there’s a legal swirl on the original driver that wasn’t allowed to be part of the open source release that came out with 4.3 (RTM)

@ Simon from Vilnius - Dunno - ask MS…

I did say the Git Fu is not strong in my family - hence the missing readme…

The biggest difference is the 8mb external ram support.

There are also other small differences to allow support for the 429 features. Currently the display is not included due to ST license restrictions with their LCD libraries…

Possibly not all of them, definitely not our Discovery429 solution. Microsoft [em]did[/em] have a copy of our sources for quite a while, but they have limited manpower to do the necessary quality control for a possibly large set of solutions. I am glad that they have focused on getting one reference solution right, for a Keil board, instead of spreading themselves too thin, with the resulting compromises in quality.

We never got around to publishing our 4.3 QFE1 (aka 4.3.1) sources on our Codeplex site. For a while, I hoped to skip this step and to go directly to Microsoft’s GitHub repo instead, which means directly going to 4.4. However, it looks like this will take us quite a bit longer. So I was very happy when Justin volunteered to take our existing Discovery429 solution and publish it, along with all our most up-to-date 4.3.1-based source code.

Thanks, Justin!